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About Us

“Crime is common. Information is scarce. Therefore it is upon the availability of information rather than upon the crime that we should dwell”

The reality is harsh, clear and unquestionable. The statistics are realistic............ We all live in a country that unfortunately has some of the highest levels of crime in the world.

To ensure we are protected and safe, many South Africa businesses and households make use of privately owned security companies and armed security guards. We have high walls, electric fences, alarms and panic buttons. The South African Police Service are efficient in combating crime but they are under severe strain.

All these crime fighting systems are reactive, and the reaction in most cases is to an isolated incident.

The good news is there is an aspect of combating crime that is often overlooked and underutilized, although it is one of the most effective weapons against crime- the assimilation and management of live up to date information.

To be able to observe, understand and apply relevant information, follow these guidelines,

  • Always Be Ready
  • Always Be Notified
  • Always Be Vigilant
  • Always Be Informed
  • Always Be Aware
  • Always Be Cautious
  • Always Be Part of a Community

The Crime Wall website has been created specifically to make use of these available behaviour patterns to effectively and efficiently assist us all in reducing crime in our areas.

Its simple and extremely useful ............

By offering you an easy to use tool you can use on your cell phone app or PC that will help to protect your property, business and family.

How ?............

This ingenious website captures and stores your chosen locations which can be your home, your office, your Child’s school or perhaps even your parents retirement home. The website then uses GPS to pinpoint your chosen locations and update you and your loved ones of crimes and suspected crime notifications in your chosen areas 24 hours a day even when you are on holiday, we call these POI’s or your unique Points Of Interests.

What will I have to do ? ............

See a suspicious person, car or perhaps you suspect that a crime is in progress, report it through your cell phone or on the website. Within seconds everyone in your area is notified. Perhaps you are a victim of crime, use The Crime Wall App to send a SOS message and alert to your friends and family.

Worried about being at home alone or visiting an area you know little about ?

Use The Crime Wall to check for previously reported crimes or use The Crime Wall to research your holiday destination or area you would like to buy or rent a house in.

The Crime Wall has been created by the same group that brought you The Shameless Wall and The Remembrance Wall.

“Life assisting online tools, created and designed especially for you”.