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Let's help you get started on The Crime Wall.

You need to be a registered member to use this great service. To register go to www.thecrimewall.co.za

You will pay per POI (point of interest) a POI will be your home, work place, holiday home, kids school etc..

Yourself and your habitants (which are nominated per POI) will receive notifications of any incidents within the radius which is defined by the user.

Once registered you will receive a username and password. Use your username and password to login to the app.

The Crime Wall allows you to search and view crimes by suburb, street, date or even your current location using gps.

Click on the reported incident to view more detail as well as share and comment.

To manage your POI click Manage POI, here you can view and edit all POI's as well as add new.

You can set the radius for notifications per POI or you can set the default radius for all POI's by clicking "select radius".

Now let's add an incident, select the category, followed by location ( on map) then the date and time plus full description, Click submit to save your incident.

A great new feature is the SOS alert, click on SOS to add emergency contact numbers note these will be used to call or send SMS in the event of an emergency. An SMS will be sent with your exact location to the predetermined numbers in your SOS directory. Let's hope you never have to use this.

Be safe on The Crime Wall